What the hail?!

I’m quite proud of myself.

I learned how to do something of my own. Sure, I needed help. But getting help is how we learn, right?

I’m talking about beefly.me, my domain collective. A silent goal of mine for May was that I wanted to get it to a point that I didn’t just like it – I wanted to be able to love it, too.

  • I changed the favicon.
  • I changed the image links.
  • I changed the image links to be backgrounds in DIV’s by looking at Georgina’s coding on her collective (because I couldn’t figure out where in the world I was going wrong). Instead of putting the image on the index.php page, you should put it on your .css page.
  • To validate my coding, I changed <div class="classname"> to <span class="classname"> because it was in the <p>text here</p> area.
  • I decided to give up on validating the CSS for now.

I’m much happier with the way it looks!

I will go back and edit the social.php page later, but I’m really happy with how Beefly.me looks now! ^^

I made the image for the social.php page extra symbolic-y. 😉 Kudos to those who can understand/guess why! 🙂

I feel so tired. Tornadoes were all over northeast Texas last night. Though we got the backwash, it was still pretty horrid. 🙁

It was insane. You can see the news about it here.

It was outrageous. Crazy. If I weren’t so tired, I would write about it. But I mostly just wanted to share the news about beefly.me and how I learned something new yesterday.

As far as my previous entry goes, I’m just annoyed at comments such as:

Nice picture.

So how are you doing?



[starts talking about themselves]

What’s worst/the most annoying is…

[starts talking about themselves, not even noticing the image]

It isn’t a “free-for-all” kind of thing. Pictures say a thousand words, so act upon that phrase, for crying out loud!! >.< [1. 1000 isn’t necessary – really. I just want a little more effort. 🙁 ]

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@clairessa, Thankfully the tornadoes are gone – for now! Haha. I think it’s all about where you live in tornado alley. 🙁

I’m not really into the “comment revenge” type thing. o.o

and Im talking about HERE!

@Alice, Well I’m not worried about validating 6birds right now.

Nice job. 🙂 Are you validating the css as css2 or css3? I just checked both and css3 looks a lot more manageable. might wanna add resize : none; to your textareas though. at least in firefox this textarea im typing it overlaps the right side of the whitish area.
The favicon is that little symbol for the ladies restroom or something?

@Alice, I was talking about for beefly.me…

Crappy comments are a bummer. I know I put a lot of effort into my blogs and try and keep them pretty short and concise so they’re reader-friendly so when I get shitty comments like that I get so annoyed. I used to have the policy of trashing them but now I just comment back with exactly how they commented to me to give them a taste of their medicine. Commenting revenge ^-^ hehe

As for tornados… tell me about it. Indiana is getting hit with severe weather as I type… and it’s not over. There’s still a line of storms that will probably arrive at 1am that has tons of tornadic activity. Where I live is still reeling from the 80-mph winds we got Tuesday because normally we don’t get hit this hard. So I feel ya, craaaazy.

Ahhh domain collectives! I want one … but only 1 domain for me and it just has to be my blog. I host so many things under it though I wish I had more domains. I’ve been told that one is enough though.

Omg, I keep finding out about these non-stop tornadoes in the south and the death tolls … it’s so horrible I don’t think it’s ever been this bad. Last summer we got 3 tornadoes, which is RARE but only 1 person died I think.

I hate irrelevant comments. I don’t get many of them but I have been now and then, so I’m assuming my blog is getting read by more and more people. Not cool, I’d rather have a small share of friends who read and comment etc.

Omg, that’s horrible … I feel so bad for assuming the pain was from allergies … I feel like an idiot I’m sorry. It’s so terrible that things you use to treat one thing can get you sick in another way like you mentioned. Like many people are allergic to certain medications that they need. Agh the human body. I have no allergies and no problems unless you count mental ones like my mom does, I never pay attention to these serious things.

Georgina has like every tutorial you ever need, literally! I learned Enthusiast from them, from scratch. So you definitely can do it!

As long as you’re doing something you love! Unlike me. I love animation but I gave it up for psychology (maybe sociology) to prove my mom wrong about me. She’s a psychologist you see. I don’t know how the hell she got her degree.

Thanks for the comment the other day! (I’m a little behind on that, haha.) I’ve gone ahead and edited my post to plug your giveaway as well. 🙂

I do apoligize for the late response.

I checked out beefly.me, and I love it! The rollovers are my favorite. I can never figure out how to do them, though I am learning. The collective is simple, clean, and easy to use.

You got hit by that monster tornado? Aw, I feel so bad. I do hope you, your family and friends are alright though. I’ve heard where those huge and horrid tornadoes hit the hardest they have actually caused deaths. Just around 80 people died the first day. It’s unbelievable.

Those comments annoy me too. Actually, sometimes I think that I talk about myself in comments and blogs. I got to stop doing that.

Thank you for the happy birthday! 🙂

All grandparents (step or regular) can be pretty annoying. Sometimes they are fun, but the grandparents that I know and love….are annoying.

Haha, great comeback! Flapjack…I like that word, and I’ll be sure to use it when my step-grandmother comes back again. Thanks! 🙂 I don’t think that would be considered cruel, it would be considered “revenge” or “comeback”.

That’s horrible…just to get on the good side of your stepfather. I sometimes have to talk bad behind my dad and his family’s back too. It sucks.

I love what you did to Beefly. 🙂 I like the favicon, like a bee, I can never make good favicons because I hate pixelling, and I feel like I can’t “work” with such a small area to make something.

I gave up on CSS validating a longggg time ago. 😛 I only try to validate when I’m making a layout for my visitors. I only look for when the coding is correct, like what you did to validate it a bit, but I use CSS hacks for stuff to work in IE, or so it looks nicer, and I know that CSS coding isn’t “wrong”, so I don’t bother to change it. Some CSS3 stuff isn’t valid, but it still works and it’s not wrong either, in my opinion. Kind of hard to explain, but if you get what I mean, awesome! 😀

Aw! I heard about the tornados, did it like hit your house directly, like is it like what’s happening in the news? Or a notch less? Or like are you just getting tornado warnings?

I hate comments like that too, but I do admit I do talk about myself when I make a comment, (well of course it’s relevant to the blog post), I like make a “connection” so I can relate to it, if you get what I mean.

I hope it turns out alright for y’all! Btw, I responded to your comment on my blog, I find it difficult to keep going back and forth on eachother’s blogs. D: