Where is it now?

Sometimes the only way I can stay happy is by working on projects.

I decided to open an “awards” website, which may sound pretty lame, but it will give people a chance who may not have a higher chance of winning various website awards a chance to win at least one. Every spring I – and any other “staff” member – on the website will pick a website of their choice that hasn’t won the Spring award for that category in that year yet, and that website will receive the “staff picked” ribbon on said award. I’ll add more details later.

I’m going to spend more time on my TCG – I have about two I am working on.

I really don’t enjoy taking pain relievers, but after everything going on this week I will have to. I actually hate taking any kind of medication. I just don’t like taking it.

I think I’m getting depressed all over again. From the stress of this past week and the drama on Twitter (which just added onto it), I’ve got this overall feeling of sadness and melancholy.

However, a little gospel music therapy has helped me a lot more than anything else has –

  • I purchased Fellowship Church’s “Sons & Daughters”.
  • I bought my 6 favorite songs (and really all I like so far) by Hillsong: Take It All, Break Free, Tell the World, Hosanna, King of All Days, From the Inside Out

I feel better. I know it sounds really weird to those of you who aren’t as religious as I am, but I really do already feel a lot better.

Thank God for gospel retail therapy. It seriously helps me get through my rough times. <3

I’ve never felt alive as I feel right now. All I’m gonna do is head straight for you, all I’m gonna do is get lost in your love…

My semi-hiatus starts now.


I’ll blog again, in a couple of weeks – or maybe just one. I don’t know yet.

Edit: I’ll come back when I feel better. Currently my mood is up and down. 🙁

E-mail – [redacted]; Change “4t” to @. /hehe

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@Nancy, Haha, you could have commented it, because the comments were still open on it! ^^

Haha. I’ve paused the rewards site progress, and I’m working on getting the TCG thing up. ^^ It’s a “relevant” TCG.

Thanks. My weekend did go okay. ^^

I’m sorry you are so depressed. Come on! Cheer up! There is nothing to be sad about. If you keep doing this to yourself you’ll be this: /fish instead of moving on with your life like this: /abu
hahahaha. I felt like using those. 🙂

I like that idea for a website, although it is not my kind of website, I really really like it. 🙂

Nah, it’s fine, you aren’t wasting any of my space. I’m going to go ahead and leave it there until you can go ahead and check it out. I don’t care how long it takes, I am just too lazy to recreate a new place when you are ready to work on it again. Lol.

I’m sorry. Just ignore the people on Twitter. What was the fight over? Was Jennifer included? I’m only asking if she was included because she can drag things out for ages and just forces her opinion’s down people’s throats. It’s normal for her. I just tend to ignore fights that she starts now. I’m tired of trying to end them, or even being in them at all. It’s all stupid high school drama that doesn’t matter a bit.

Okay….That is odd. Lol.

I’m sorry you’re feeling crappy! I hope your mood uplifts soon and you’ll feel better.
I don’t think award sites are lame–unless they become so elite nobody can win one but friends of the web owners. That’s when I don’t like those at all.

If it makes you feel better, never apologize!

Retail therapy is a favorite of mine too. Speaking of, I need to do that soon. I have enough in my savings account now to splurge haha.

I don’t like taking medicine either. My mom keeps insisting me on drinking cough syrup or using an inhaler because I keep on coughing. I’m only recovering from a cold. My throat’s just itchy from the mucus that’s clearing up.

I hope you reach a stable condition and feel better.

OMG! I miss Awards Sites, hahaha. I used to join them all the time 5 years ago. Award sites and fun sites where you submit “blends” graphic works sorta died out over the years, quite sad 🙁 The web used to be more fun, now it’s blah 🙁

Urgh, I hate taking medicine or pills too. Unfortunately, I have a vitamin d deficiency, so I have to take pills every day, woe.

I’m not religious, I’m more of a secular Catholic. Anyway, do you like to Switchfoot? I like their Christian rock music. It’s not in your face, but it’s lovely. Also… I know this tune that makes me happy all the time, let me find it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkNnbHczZ5k 🙂

I hope everything turns out okay for you. It really is amazing what God can do with out lives. Let Him take control and He will change your life completely. /love

I honestly don’t like taking medicine either, but sometimes you have to you know, because of the pain and everything. >.> I hope everything turns out okay for you.

Take your time. Just a reminder make sure you close your giveaway with Friday. When I was on hiatus, I would always forget about by contests. Then I had people yelling at me and all this other stuff..just ended up not pretty.

It sounds like a good idea – the awards thing. It will give some of the “lesser” visited sites a chance to win something. I hardly get any awards for anything. I would be glad to help pitch in when I can. Whether it be getting the word out or in any other way. I can’t fully commit, but I can still help when I have free time. 🙂

@Ashley, Awh, I can’t view your website. 🙁

I did close the giveaway! …sorta. I just … made the page private. 😛

Awww I hope you feel better! Maybe when the allergy season is over? Get some good rest with everything else going on. Do stuff that make you happy if opening websites it is. 😀

I don’t want to listen to someone snore, grind teeth, or talk in their sleep. Watching too much reality shows give me a fear of living with other people. People don’t get along as easily as it looks. Of course I wouldn’t mind living with someone I know. Like my best friend? Too bad that can’t happen.

LOL! I think letters are very romantic. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get any since my mother doesn’t know about my relationship … haven’t dared to tell her. She gets all our mail first.

That’s interesting there’s actually a place called Dreamland. I guess life certainly isn’t Dreamland, that’s what makes it interesting. If everything was perfect then we’d be too happy. I can’t remember where I read this.

Hmmm maybe I should get a new domain. But I don’t have a good name in mind + I’m trying to save money. Every $10 I earn is closer to all the stuff I have to buy, haha. Sometimes I think there’s too much on my domain because molla-ing.org holds absolutely everything. But I can’t do what you did with beefly.me and 6birds.net. is jealous lol jk.

Ohhh that’s really bad then =/ I’d want to just lie down 24/7 now I understand why you’d want to break from the website. Being sick you wouldn’t want to do anything. I really hope you feel better soon.

I just heard a guy got sucked by a tornado while he was driving in his car. O_________O

I’m sorry life hasn’t been too peachy for you lately. At least you know what can keep you happy and sane. I’m personally the opposite – I like to listen to angry music and sit and stew in my own misery when I’m down. But, your way sounds much healthier.

Feel better, Liz!

I think an award website is a wonderful idea. 🙂 Good luck with that, I hope it goes well 🙂
Anyway, I’m glad you are feeling better. I am not really that religious,I don’t go to church every Sunday and stuff, but I do pray and I know it really helps, so I know where you’re going from. 🙂

Wow I’m looking forward to your awards website. It sounds like a pretty cool idea! Glad you feel better! Hope things aren’t too bad for you now!

I was reading your blog post about the commenting thingr a few days ago during lunch at school. I was hoping that the post is still the recent one. XD! I guess everyone do have different point of views on comments. I don’t know, I should just enjoy comments of all types, but it’s just too inflexible to me ‘~’– if I’m not familiar with the person.

Projects are fun :D! Only if you have the mentality to keep it up! Because once you stop- it’s like a chore to even restart it -__-!

You know what? That project of yours, the awards site is not lame at all! It is actually a good idea! Because people love getting awards. Especially unique awards! And with an award given, it can give them motivation to keep doing what they do :)! Good luck with planning all of this out :)! I’ll look forward to it :)!

Trading card games.. Are fun after a long time :D! Because you’ll have a lot of epic cards by that time :P. Reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh for some reason o__O

Drama in Twitter is stupid. Seriously. It’s like, if you’re going to argue or something, don’t do it in 150 characters. XD! It’s so unnecessary!

I hope you’ll be feelin; better soon 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!