White Sunday

Sunday started with a rain shower, then progressed into snow.

Wow, this time the news was right.

Yesterday I didn’t go to church. I need to get into the habit of going to church again. These past Sundays, though, I have been sick with allergies and/or an upset stomach. This time I woke up itching and whatnot with little red dots on my arms. I don’t know what flea bites look like, but Todd has fleas – even more than what he used to have now that he has been playing outside. He’s been sleeping in my bed with me lately, too. School starts next week; I hope I’m not getting sick!

It’s just allergies; it has to be just allergies.

Of course, the picture of me look horrible, so I won’t be posting any of those!

I bought a book of word searches on Friday at the Dollar General – er, my mom paid for it – and finished it Sunday. I worked on most of it on Saturday. It contained 58 puzzles, and I expected to finish it in a week. LOL It’s funny how things like that turn out, ya know? 😛

We didn’t intend for it to look like a girl – the pink straw hat was all that we could find. The cowboy hats couldn’t be used because they were very fine and, well, they merely cost too much to use for play.


I love the way the trees look with snow on them! Yes, they are pretty without the snow, but the way the snow lays on branches… It’s just so lovely!


The horses were cold and wet. 🙁 But they were happy to see Mimi and my mom! That means they’re going to get fed. 😛


The above pictures are of the lot. The old tractor looked too pretty covered in snow to not snap a picture of!

I posted the majority of the pictures I took, but you can see the rest at my Flickr. 😛

Click the pictures to see them full size.

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[…] Like last year, it is snowing once again. I can dream for snow, can I not? Texans are never one hundred percent sure whether it snow (and stick). I can have at least one place where it will snow. […]

[…] Carrie’s mattress is a rock. I guess that, if you like things hard like that, then her mattress would be a great mattress for you. I slept over at my mom’s last night. Mimi is not home on the weekends anymore because she with Tommy. Because of the weather and the roads on Friday night, she stayed home instead of driving to Canton to his house. We received at least a foot of snow. […]

Those are such beautiful photos. The snow looks so pretty. We got a fair amount ourselves, but this looks much nicer, haha. I hope you start to feel better. Take care and rest up, and hopefully you’ll be back to yourself in no time!

Liz — The pictures are fantastic! I love the one of the horse standing behind the round thing…whatever it is. It looks like it’s a hamster play toy and the horse is ready to go round and round:~) I also loved “horses2” with the spot of red on the man in the field and, of course, the tractor.

You really are a good photographer!!!! I hope you will show more of your pictures. I also hope you feel better soon.

Oh, did you name your snowlady? Stay warm:~)

Those are actually some really good ideas. I might have to try them 🙂 Thanks a bunch mate. ^__^

The pictures look lovely! I have read quite a lot of blogs about snow today. I heard that in the south of the US it has been snowing a bit. I hope it isn’t causing you too much trouble! The snow looks wonderful, though.

I hope it’s just allergies! I got a funny rash on my arm the other week and I just kept putting special cream on it to relieve it.

I usually don’t like those kinds of puzzles. I only do them when I’m bored, like I’ll pick up the newspaper and do Sudoku on the train.

Letting go is hard, and it takes time but sometimes you really have to try hard. 🙂

You’re welcome. <3 I don't like being called weak.. I know I'm weak but I know that I can be strong inside. hugs

I know my friend was also hit by her mum. I don't think anyone was hit the same way I was. I didn't really like talking about it to anybody. It's something I just don't go around telling everyone, as I'm sure you understand.

I didn't know my cousins had Twitter; I guess they found me though. x_x

That's okay. 🙂 hugs If you ever need to rant or talk to someone, I might not always know the right things to say but I'm a good listener. <3

Nah I tried writing with my left hand.. but it's hard. It takes time haha. 😛 I'm slow and not that great though, so it's nothing special. One of my friends is trying so hard so she can be ambidextrous. 😛

Omg snow in Texas!! It looks so much prettier than ours! We had snow day after Christmas, and it still hasn’t melted! I heard we are getting snow again tomorrow or something. But it’ll never be white and clean. =(

Pretty snowman, I haven’t made one in ages!

It sounds like just allergies, but allergies in the winter? Well hope you feel better. =)

Whoa! I didn’t know that it could snow in Texas! I thought that it would be too far south… I hope that you’re enjoying the snow, though!

Get better soon! Being sick is definitely a reason to not go to Church.