Why do you blog?

This is a question I’m asked a lot. I can try my best to explain why I blog, but I’ll never be able to answer it completely and into its fullest density mostly because even I, the blogger, can’t even fully answer that question for myself.

Some people frown upon blogging, and then others look at blogging as a bad thing because of the people who despise it. Is it the idea? Is it the “lack of privacy”? Is it because they find it to not be safe?

Those who don’t understand blogging probably never will. I could write a ten-page essay on why I blog, and someone who despises blogging the most still wouldn’t like it. I don’t think anyone can truly like blogging – or even the idea of blogging – until they get into the activity themselves (and even then their thoughts and opinions may not even change for the better or worse).

I blog because I like to get my thoughts out. There are other people in this world who can make as big of a mess as I can, who have been through similar things, who are going through what I am going through and who have the same hopes and dreams I have (even if they aren’t exactly alike). Then there are the people who live in foreign places and discuss back and forth with someone else how things they have are quite different from everyone else’s because they live in separate countries[1. Like tea kettles, an entry of Georgina’s I remember quite well for some reason!]. I blog because I can go many places without ever having to leave the USA[2. No matter how much I would love to actually be able to go there.]

There is just too much to blogging to write all down. I feel as though I could go on and on and on about why I blog.

With my words, I could either sway or stray someone’s thoughts about teen pregnancy or adoption just on my views of them – in just one [or two] simple blog entries. To be honest, I don’t understand why Internet activities such as tweeting and playing Facebook applications are not frowned upon like blogging and/or having a website and loving to be able to design the layouts and such. It’s a really hard hobby to find the courage to talk about (which is why I don’t really like talking about it).

Honestly, I would rather be an avid blogger than have any of these odd and seemingly awkward hobbies

This post will most likely be continued at a much later date than this month.

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I had a MySpace account, and I, too, got into that MySpace “resources” mess thing. It was fun at the time… That’s all that counts, right?

Interesting background, though. :3

I’ve never actually thought of that. I may write a blog post about it soon (linking to you, of course).

My blogging was a result of several earlier hobbies. There was a time I was really into graphic design and Adobe Photoshop. Because of that, I eventually got into web design to make a graphic resource site (you know, Myspace days, even when I never did get a Myspace account). For a while I had a blog about web design, though I eventually ran out of things to say on the topic. I still wanted to have a website though, so I decided to get a regular, personal blog. It turns out, I love to write. Go figure.

I like writing opinions more than events, because, though my blog is a personal blog, I’d like to avoid divulging too much information about myself or others.

I actually don’t know of anyone that looks down on bloggers or blogging itself.

I actually don’t understand it either. I used to blog a lot and then I stopped cuz my life go too busy. but lately I’ve had the urge to blog again and so i remade me blog. But if you can write a 10 page essay about it, I’ll probably read it because I want to know too.

Haha, I don’t think I’ll really be writing that anytime soon! 😛

I’ve had a lot to blog about – or I’ve been wanting to blog a lot lately, anyway. 😛

That’s a good question. Honestly, I’ve never even thought about why I blog. I have a lot to say and like to write, so it just makes sense that I blog, I guess.

Except, I don’t know if it’s necessarily true that you have to get into blogging yourself to appreciate it. I actually haven’t heard of many blog haters. I know plenty of people who are indifferent, but I don’t hear much hate. I actually have quite a few readers who don’t blog and never have.

I didn’t really say you have to get into it in order to appreciate it – I just said that I think you have to get into it (as in hands-on) in order to like blogging (as an activity). 😛

Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to consider them. I’m not sure how much money I have to start off with it, but I’ll definitely have to consider others if one of my preferred host doesn’t become an option. (If I don’t hear a reply back. xD)

And thank you! :*

And honestly, blogging is just a place where you can post things and know that someone is listening to you. It’s a way of speaking and reaching out to the world, without really trying. At least, that’s how I think of it. xD
Blogs are an easy place to meet some pretty cool people without leaving your house.

Haha, who is your preferred host? 😛

I’ve actually came across bloggers here recently that are from my area in Texas as well… It’s pretty amazing! 🙂

This is why I’ve never told anyone in my offline life that I have a blog. They just wouldn’t understand it! I prefer to keep my blog within the blog-o-sphere were people understand and can appreciate it! heh.

I agree.. I don’t think I could ever say exactly why I blog. I just love talking and putting my thoughts out there where people will actually (hopefully) read them, whereas in real life, I can’t just ramble on about something without people tuning me out and thinking I’m a freak, haha. Here, it’s totally acceptable to talk about absolutely nothing and enjoy it at the same time!

Yes! Agreed! <3

In high school, I thought that blogging would be fun to try. I don’t really understand why I got started at all, and blogging caused me a lot of problems with my family. So I stopped for a while. I started again because I was bored. And blogging hasn’t really changed how I choose to live my life, but it has really opened my eyes to what’s out there on this planet.

I think that you’d be interested to know that where I go to school, blogging is not frowned upon. It’s not looked up to, either. Most of us don’t blog because we don’t have much time, and prefer to play games with each other, but when I told my boyfriend about my blog, he was almost eager to read it. Perhaps it’s because the population of my school is very well versed in the ways of the Internet. Perhaps it’s because they know that an independent blog poses much fewer privacy issues than accounts on Facebook. Perhaps because as students who came to study science and technology, they have an inherent respect for the Internet.

That’s really nice that your school is like that. 🙂

I guess I began blogging in eighth grade, but I don’t really consider it to be “blogging” now. It was more of an I’m-trying-to-just-make-it-through-life-and-puberty” sort of thing that, when I read it now, I just think, “Oh, my gosh… Did I really write that? That’s horrible!” I quit blogging after a while and went back to it periodically, and now I’m just stuck here! 🙂

Great job Liz! I love blogging and that’s the thing I am sure of at this moment. I always love being able to work out my thoughts in the web. Oftentimes, I consider myself to be one of those folks who process their views and outlooks easier when they are seated and just write their ideas in their mind, kind of my therapy in a way.

Hm… Sounds interesting! Nicely said. 🙂

I think blogging is a perfect way of expressing yourself and i truly love blogging and I get excited for every comment or feedback I receive. I love the fact of knowing someone out there read something I wrote, I love knowing some people read a little part of my mind that I post on the web when in real life no body ever seems to listen to anything I say even if I’m screaming it out,
It really sucks that you’re allergic to makeup. I adore makeup! It’s like art to me and I love art.

Yeah! It’s as if they’re listening to you all throughout the conversation because they actually want to – and if they didn’t, then they would just close the tab. I don’t know how else to explain it other than to compare it to a never-ending book?

I told a few of my friends that I have a blog before, and they didn’t have much of a reaction to it. They’ve never thought about the idea of blogging before, so they couldn’t say much.

The reason I blog is because it’s easier for me to just to talk about anything to strangers. When people comment on my blog, and I return them. The comments turns into a network, and I get to interact with other people no matter where they are. I find it more comfortable to talk to strangers than people in real life because I’ll most likely never meet them face-to-face.

My best friend (she lives hours away), Alice, knows about my blogging. She used to blog, too, but she didn’t keep up with it much and just quit blogging altogether. So far she’s the only offline person who understands blogging and why I blogged.

I also have a best friend who tried out blogging before I did, but she gave up after about a month. I guess she got bored or lazy?

I’m not sure, haha. Maybe she just wasn’t really all that into it. o.o I don’t think Alice was? She was more into expressing herself in story writing.

“I blog because I can go many places without ever having to leave the USA”. That really, really put a smile on my face. 🙂 It’s so true. It makes me want to go to places physically, but I feel like I learn so much through blogging – about people, about the world. Without really having to do much at all.

I don’t know why blogging is frowned upon at all! Social networking has all the problems. I won’t go into detail, but it essentially does. I have to admit that going on Facebook all the time is a better hobby than trying to be in the background of television. That’s really lame to be honest! I think it’s silly. Every time I watch those morning shows I see people in the background who are always waving about and trying to be on the screen.

Why do I blog? I don’t know just one reason. I love to write, and I love to read. I’m not very social, but with blogging, I can be social without having to worry about what people think about how I look… because what they see when they visit is a little window of myself. If they want to find out more, they just wait for something else to pass that window. 🙂

I’m amused you remember my kettles blog post! <33 xD

Agreed! Like, I wanted to go to Australia because of Holiday in the Sun, but I grew out of it whenever I grew out of my Mary-Kate & Ashley stage… Now, though, because of blogging, I’m more interested in visiting Australia for different reasons from wanting to go because two ex-favorite actresses filmed a movie there.

I think it’s frowned upon because it’s still so different, and the only bloggers they really know about is Perez Hilton, who’s famous for his blogging – and famous people don’t really come off as weird for their blogging? I don’t understand why what celebrities often do is what the public finds okay, but when non-celebrities do such a thing, it comes off as weirder than ever. :/

Ahah, yeah… I think I remember it so well because of the difference in some things, and after reading your entry I had actually looked up different kettles across the globe. 😛 Maybe that is why? :3