Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

I did this meme on 6birds once, but since I started over, it’s like I never did it.

  1. People in love — I know, “it will come” to me, but it’s frustrating to see the people I went to school with getting engaged or married at least four times a month. Last December at least 10 got engaged. I’m not looking forward to seeing any of it this December. I also envy the people who are able to get attached to people and find people who don’t doubt them or have feelings for someone else. I always get stuck with people who doubt me, and it sucks. Is it bad to really want some guy who isn’t a prince[1. I’m not interested in changing my entire life to marry a prince and be a princess.] to take the place of Prince Charming and sweep me off my feet?
  2. People with good teeth — Both of my parents have bad teeth. I need a guy who has great teeth so our future children will have great teeth (or at least a better chance of having better teeth than mine).
  3. Confidence — Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I know it takes time. Lots and lots of time. *sulks*
  4. Red hair — I just want mine redder. Mine’s blended with my light brown hair and, when not separated, the red tints are hidden and don’t come out often. It kind of really sucks considering I also take pride in having almost red hair.
  5. A cat — I have Todd, but he isn’t here. Like, it really sucks that things happened the way they did considering last year I was starting to feel as if I was finally starting to live life. I miss having a cat — a small person who relied on me to take care of him. Animals are great therapy. D;
  6. People who can act like everything is fine & dandy — Although it also ticks me off, I wish I could just smile and be completely oblivious and self-absorbed when it comes to certain things. I know lots of people who do this. And I think they truly believe everything is fine and dandy, too. And they seem happy. And that’s why I envy them — I envy their happiness, not their ignorance.
  7. People with loving parents — I just envy them. I don’t have the type of family I wish I had. Divorced or not, it’s doesn’t matter.

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Comments on this post

And, you reminded me that I am going to have my roommate dye my hair a deep red once I graduate. Hopefully my parents won’t be too annoyed with it. 😛

Your post just reminded me of the time the local animal shelter brought adoptable dogs over to campus so that everyone could pet them. I told them that most people on campus were probably banned from adopting dogs because of the lease they signed. After that, they told me that many people who had signed such leases volunteered at the shelter so that they could still enjoy animals. Seems like something fun that you could do. It probably wouldn’t require too much human-human interaction, and you might meet an awesome guy while you’re at it. 😛

Sadly, you really need to look around for guys, especially if you’re a misfit in the area. But since you’re near a big city, chances are, there is a guy who’d like you not too far away from you!

Oh, I also totally envy people with red hair!!! I used to dye mine red, but it’s too annoying when it starts growing and looks grey at the roots. Not so good-looking…
And yes, cats!