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I decided to join in and attempt this trendy meme a lot of people are probably going to be doing. Unfortunately for me 6birds is currently having some issues right now[1. Hacked, I don’t know. The password won’t work, and my email was erased from its designated field… I updated Contact Form 7 on 6birds. My Melodies is doing this, too. …I’m probably done with the plugin from now on, and I’m not brave enough to update it on my other sites…], so I’m quite ticked off at WordPress/whatever the issue could possibly be right now/etc. …I also can’t send emails directly from a webpage on the server, so no password reset!, and 6birds’ password WON’T work… what the heck!?

Last night/this morning when I should have instead been sleeping I kept coughing. I really hate coughing, especially when it feels like there’s something in your throat but you can’t get it out – or when you’re coughing because you’re just coughing and nothing is in your throat, so it’s just pointless coughing that only a) wears out your lungs even more, b) gets your asthma all roweled up, c) makes your throat hurt really bad and/or d) exhausts you even more. Sitting up is SO much better than laying down as well, so you might as well just stay up until you can pass out. Because it’s not an absolute constant; it’s just more frequent when you’re laying down. So with that said, I’m exhausted and bored of all this coughing. Also, my chest hurts, and I’m really not in the mood to cough up blood again/anytime soon. It’s not exactly a fun activity to do, even if it’s not as painful as cyst pains (but of course, more painful than your everyday severe migraine[2. Or does not everyone get those?]).

Aside from that crap that is going on without my consent, I’m fine I guess. I mean, it’s nothing special or anything. I’ve finally figured out (because I’m guessing it’s ALWAYS been there…) that I can use Microsoft Outlook to hold all of my RSS feeds and deliver them to me in RSS email format or whatever in the world kind of format you wish to describe it as. And actually, since they’re already downloaded to my lappy whenever, well, however it is that whatever it is comes in, I guess that I could read them if I happen to just randomly lose Internet connection.

Would this have not been more convenient for me when I was in Wills Point, be it with Mimi or my mom? …I think it would have, and I can’t believe I never found it before!

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I have an asthma since I was a kid so that makes me hate sudden coughing. Most specially when I was sleeping then I will wake up just to get a glass of water and still wont help. and yes, sometimes it feels like there’s something on your throat. I know I have asthma but sometimes i’m over thinking that a fly or whatever kind of insect got in my mouth while I was sleeping (lol). well, whatever it is it’s really annoying. I always end up using my nebulizer and worst, my family would have to bring me to the hospital.

So you are doing BEDA then? You should probably talk to your host about your problem before it screws up something major.

I don’t have asthma and don’t cough not even when I’m sick, but when I am, I can’t breathe at all when I’m lying down. So during the time I need sleep the most, I have to sit up until I pass out. Ironic how the world works when they say sleep is the best medicine.

I did not know Outlook can do that. I’ve only ever thought it’s stupid program, but maybe not if it can deliver RSS and be available when you’re offline (something Thunderbird refuses to do). I’m not so sure of the idea of delivering RSS feeds to my email though. That would be a lot of spam.

It’s in it’s own separate thing… It’s delivered in the format email is, but it’s not IN your email… It’s hard to explain. P:

I did talk to him about it; he and the WordPress support side is figuring it out. WordPress is going AWOL, and I don’t know what it is. Ever since the new update, it’s been bad for me.

“(but of course, more painful than your everyday severe migraine” … you never closed the parenthesis… ahhh my OCD!!!! lol but seriously, sorry about your coughing attacks. I keep coughing too (it’s the kind that happens even though there’s nothing in my throat) and I’m at work and it’s super quiet so I feel all self conscious. Bleh.

Maybe you should post a tutorial about the RSS feature. I wanna start using it now. 🙂

🙁 I’m gonna have typos, okay? What used to take me 30mins to an hour to type a post now takes like literally an hour to two hours just because I can’t attach the word in my mind to the word I’m thinking, which interferes with what I type. >.>

In the “Outlook Data File” is “RSS Feeds”. Right click that and select “Add a New RSS Feed”. Wahlah. You’re welcome. ^^

Not everybody gets migraines. I’m one of those lucky people that never have had a headache. While I try extremely hard to be sympathetic and slightly emphatic with people who do have headache problems, I admit that I will never understand their pain because I’ve never had a headache in my life.

You can use the instructions on this pageto reset your WordPress password on your other sites. I think that using phpMyAdmin would probably be easiest. If you’ve got backups of your database with all your posts, you can even just try to restore the old database as a last resort. Your sites look okay, so hopefully, there was no hacking.

Also, if you think that there are plugins causing any trouble, just log in with FTP and forcibly delete the plugins off the server.

It’s not working. Not even the theme deletion/name change route worked. P: Just made it all worse. :/ I have backups, but blah. I don’t know how to restore without screwing it up even more. 🙁