You make me wanna LA LA

Sometimes I’m asked or told something that just makes me want to SCREAM or answer with something TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE. Sometimes something happens that just makes me want to do the same thing. Here’s what I have to say to you people and events:

“Have you thought about getting a job? School? Anything with your life? I’m just worried about you.”

“So you have a website. Sarah, you need to spend your time doing something more productive.”

2011kittens-1.jpg (448×336)

I wanna be a kitty rescuer. Tell me how I can do that when I have so much anxiety I can’t see straight. Tell me how I can do that when I can’t CONCENTRATE.

“You push people away. I love you. Stop pushing me away.”

You’re suffocating me. Stop suffocating me.

“Stop dwelling.”

Stop thinking there’s a fire in there.

In other words, it’s very clear that’s a fire. Thus said, let it be clear that I’m not purposely putting thoughts into my head. You cannot always control your mind. It’s called being mentally unstable, dammit.

“I’m so sorry.”

8073345823_aaabe0f0b3_z.jpg (480×640)

I miss those house shoes.

“Why do you have a ‘just shut up‘ tag?

8073353795_bd749d8c13.jpg (500×375)

That has to be THE most random thing I’ve ever drawn. It’s a hoof. To something.

“Why do you keep trying to change the subject?”

That’s Amigo when I told him I had to move to the city and that I’d miss him.

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Ugh…I get asked these exact same questions. My absolute favorite one would have to be “Why aren’t you married yet?” 😛 Plus I get irritated when people constantly want to know how my brothers are doing, and they don’t seem to care about my thoughts and feelings. GR! Thank goodness for my blog. 😀

“Have you thought about getting a job? School? Anything with your life? I’m just worried about you.”

Uhhhh…is it me or does that sound like more of an insult? If they’re that “worried” about you, there are other ways to help you, instead of just asking some no brainer questions. However, I think the ONLY person who is in the right to ask you these sort of things is if they’re the ones who are providing for you financially. If not, it’s none of their goddamn business.

“So you have a website. [Liza], you need to spend your time doing something more productive.”

Oh my god. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ASKING THESE QUESTIONS? I’m sorry you get these sort of questions. I can’t imagine how annoying that would be. Some people think playing video games or blogging is a waste of time and not as productive, yet they’re the same people who will probably go on Facebook for hours and watch a marathon of Desperate Housewives or something. Everyone’s got their own thing, don’t judge.

I have been asked by people who are providing for me financially, but I can’t concentrate well even to even do basic math anymore. I can’t really think. It’s odd. And I can’t remember, either.

And, right?? I mean, I don’t really watch TV. I’m not exactly a couch potato. I don’t “sit on the computer all day everyday” or anything. Just because I have tons of “free time” doesn’t mean my time is still free. Or that it feels that way. I don’t know. A website’s pretty productive to me…

With some people, you just have to tell them straight up. You can’t beat around the bush with your answer. But I can tell you that some people may view your reasoning as excuses whether or not they are.

Some people just don’t understand that owning a website is indeed productive. It’s actually a very good useful skill nowadays.

I’m so, so glad to still see that you are blogging!! =] I have finally come back from the great beyond of classrooms (as a teacher and student…now JUST a teacher!)

This post is great! First of all, I think there are too many times where people just ask questions that are none of their concern. Like the one about jobs and the one about blogs (kind of rhymes, no?) I get that a lot: you blog? But you’re a teacher! That’s bad! Puh-lease!

Also, that photo of the kitties made me want to squish something! And Amigo is gorgeous and looks so attentive!

Going to school is not the only productive thing that a person can do in this lifetime! Why do people feel that way? I push my fiancee to get an education, only because I want us to have lucrative careers to provide for our family and give back to our community and good people who need help.

Those kitties are too cute! They’re adorable =)

People who tend to judge you – just ignore them. I used to get really angry when people asked a million and one questions or said something rude about me. Now, I just hang up on them or block them away from my life.

Merry Christmas! ♥

I think it’s weird that people can say owning a website is unproductive. :S I think it’s a good thing impressive for someone to know how to code and manage a website, especially since a lot of people/teenagers don’t do jack shizz other than go to school, go on Facebook/Twitter and then do it all over again.

Some people just don’t get it lol, sometimes you just need to take their statements as a grain of salt, even though it’s hard not to let it get to you. Dx

I think this is such a cool concept for a post. I love the idea of replying to people like this, without actually saying these things to them and pissing them off. And that Stitch gif at the beginning is absolutely perfect.

I love the falling snow on your layout, btw!4

You just need to follow your own path sometimes, people may say things to you, while trying to give you advice (or just be annoying) but it’s up to you what you’re gonna do. You’ll get there anyway ! 🙂

At some point, something random is totally called for. I love the Lilo & Stitch one. That sums it up perfectly. And the just shut up tag, I need to go buy a shirt with that on it. Seriously.
I think if people took the time to listen instead of fix, a lot of us wouldn’t have a problem in the first place. I hope someone starts getting a clue in your corner of the world, and I hope the same for my corner as well.

I’m jealous, we need to take driving lessons in the UK, or pay out money so someone else can teach us. It sucks.

People can be annoying when they judge you for what you’re doing based on something they don’t understand. It’s like when I mentioned to my friend that I was thinking about dropping out of uni and she was like ‘Why?? You can’t work in a clothes shop all your life’. It’s silly. Don’t listen to them!!

Those kittens are soooooo cute!!


Amigo looks so heartbroken in that picture. 🙁

I hate the idea that owning a website = not being productive or “having a life”, yet many people in our society are spending 5+ hours a day on Facebook and feel the need to update it with everything that happens.

YES!!! How is me Facebook-ing all day any MORE productive than creating websites and layouts?? Ugh.

I feel that blogging is different because you have to have some creativity – choosing your blog name, layout, topics to write about, etc. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and complain about the weather or upload 20 pictures of themself at a party. Blogging is more in-depth.
(Not that there aren’t some stupid, shallow blogs out there.)